Ease: A Look Back on a 2012

In the last few days of the year, I am reflecting on my journey through 2012.

At the beginning of the year, I chose “Ease” as my guiding word for the year. I also decided to “hang on and pretend it’s a plan” rather than making specific plans. Too much was in flux for me to commit to any specific goals.

How did I do?

Well, I hung on and improvised. And things moved forward.

And, I searched for ease where I could find it. Which wasn’t easy in the midst of all my life fluctuations. But, by having brought attention to the issue of ease in my life, I was able to choose ease in some very stressful situations. Not always, but often enough to feel like things were shifting. And, given that the hardest part of adult learning is often catching yourself doing something the old way with enough time to choose a different action, I would say that progress has been made.

I think of 2012 as a transitional year.

We moved. The new house is, as expected, proving to be a lot of work and fabulous at the same time. After spending the spring and summer focused on safety issues, learning how to maintain a pool, and making the backyard fun for the kids, we moved our work inside for the fall and winter. We are in the midst of the winter of wallpaper removal and room reallocation. By spring, the kids will all have new rooms and we will have moved on to the walls and floors of the bathrooms and laundry rooms. After that, there will be the master bedroom to redo completely and the rest of the interior of the house should get a new coat of paint. By 2014, we hope to have put our stamp on every room in the house. And despite the required work, I love the place.

The kids all changed schools. The two who find school fun and easily manageable moved from a private Montessori school to the local public school, and the two who were home-schooling also moved into the public school system. It would not be an exaggeration to say I spent the entire summer worrying about how things would go. And, it hasn’t been perfect, but some time in November, I realized it was working and I could start thinking about how to build my life on the assumption that public school would continue to be the organizing structure of our family life.

It has been a wild ride. We have new neighbours, new school friends, new commitments, and a new schedule. And it mostly works now. Still have some tweaking to do, but life with growing kids means there is always something in flux.

All I really planned to do this year was move and try school for the kids. I did those things.

In addition, I joined the board of a local community theatre, directed a play, blogged every day for a month in March, pushed my writing to a new level, and reminded myself to breathe deeply several times a day.

To wrap up this year, I intend to reflect on how my writing has progressed and what I want to grow into next year and how next year might shape up, including my guiding word for 2013, Courage.

How are you winding up the year? Are you taking time to review the past year and plan for the next, or are you just moving forward, taking life as it comes?


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  1. Kate,
    As you know, I’m winding down the year with a 5-part series on my blog, so I’ll try not to repeat any of that here.
    Yours is a beautiful reflection on the year that’s almost past. Yes, I agree that you have found ways to bring ease even to situations that don’t sound easy to me.
    I’m really intrigued and inspired by your choice of the word courage for 2013. I can hardly wait to read where that takes you!
    playful blessings,
    Stan (aka @muz4now)

    • Kate Arms-Roberts

      Finding ease when life isn’t easy is a challenge. I haven’t always made it work, but I am sure that bringing my attention back to ease has lightened my load.
      I look forward to seeing where 2013 takes us.

  2. Kate,

    It is a pleasure to journey with you. Thank you for sharing your reflection on this year of choosing ease. I am also reviewing my 2012 and planning for the next. This past year involved “moving” for me, too, as I moved my parents into a new house and shifted to living on my own. Learning to maintain a swimming pool was also something that my family and I learned how to do this past year. 2012 was a year of many firsts for me, and much growth came from all of that. I think “courage’ is a wonderful word to guide your 2013 journey. I’m excited about all that lies ahead of us on our journeys and the connections we keep through it all.

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