Rest: Giving A Body A Break

For those of you who missed my regular post on Monday, I apologize. I have been doing something important since Saturday.

I have been resting.

After months of not only burning the candle at both ends, but also looking for extra wicks to burn that same candle more brightly, my body has been saying “enough, slow down,” for the last two weeks.

I haven’t been listening.

And, so, on Saturday, my body took control. Without plan or forethought on my part, I napped. In that “I lay down to read a book and woke up several hours later” way, I napped. And, I napped on and off for the next four days.

My ‘to do’ list is too long, my commitments are more than my time available. Something has to give.

These naps have been my wake-up call.

If I won’t take care of my body, my body will take care of me.


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  1. Abundantly true. Seemingly obvious. Rarely embraced.

    Thanks for the example and inspiration, Kate.

  2. that body wisdom thing again! When will we learn?

  3. Kudos for listening to your body and doing what you need to do. I’m not doing that right now, having made an afternoon pot of coffee.

    • Kate Arms-Roberts

      Ah yes, the dreaded afternoon pot of coffee – after which I fear I will not sleep well the following night. I have been drinking lots of those recently.

  4. Rest is more important than our culture likes to think. Take an hour-long siesta every day! 🙂

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