You Are What Catches Your Attention

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.

Oscar Wilde

What catches your eye is not the same as what catches my eye. We may walk the same paths, but we will not see the same things. Especially when it comes to the details upon which an artist builds a work, we miss what others see and see what others miss.

What I choose to take picture of reveals my viewpoint. Here is some of what I have noticed in March.

This image seemed to capture the transitions I am walking through.

These bricks struck me as related to the work of Mark Rothko.

"The Awakening" by J. Seward Johnson JR at National Harbor, MD shows several segments of a buried giant rising from the sand. This perspective doesn't capture Johnson's vision. But it grabbed my attention.

The shadows have been striking in the Summer-hot days of this early Spring.

More shadows.

What catches your attention?


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  1. Loved your pictures and discovering some of what you are inclined to notice.

    The shadow of the stair railings on the stairs I at first thought was a work of art – a mural on the wall of a modernistic concrete building. As Brian and I always say about such tricks of the eye: “My brain saw what it wanted to see.”

    (And now I’m wondering if even my second interpretation of it is correct. I love the mystery you’ve created with that scene!)

    • Kate Arms-Roberts

      Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Your second interpretation of the shadow is correct, but I ,too, love the question.


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