My Writer’s Notebook Revealed

Every writer must carry a notebook.

How many times have you heard that advice?

How many times have you thought that meant you needed to have a paper notebook and a pen or pencil? I used to believe that, and I always failed to carry pencil and paper with me.

Now, I carry a multimedia notebook. I use it for pictures, written notes, and audio clips. It has extra functionality like web-browsing and even comes with a phone for emergencies.

Yes, the most important function my iPhone serves may be as my writer’s notebook.


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  1. Good for you, Kate! Nice use of technology to do what Joan Didion and others insist we do.

    I often find inspiration finds me when I’m not able to write something, so I use the voice-record app on my EVO. On the road trip I kept an audio recorder in the car, and talked into it for hours (a little safer than writing!).

    • Kate Arms-Roberts

      Much safer than writing.

      I still don’t have a good system for use in the car, which is a shame because I have great inspiration every time I take a long drive.

  2. GF used her iPhone to write songs, make the grocery list, and little reminders. Worked well until the phone took a dive. 😦
    I like notebooks, and I always have one with me. I also use a to-do list app on my BB when needed.

    • Kate Arms-Roberts

      I love the idea of notebooks. And I have dozens of them, and I use them for events and for writing at home, but the only thing I manage to carry with me all the time is my phone.

  3. I love peeking into Writer’s Notebooks. The great thing about using the phone is that it is always with you! I use my phone to take notes on when I’m out walking, where I often get inspired.

    • Kate Arms-Roberts

      I love seeing other writer’s notebooks, too.

      I love seeing through the polish of the finished work into the depths of the process.

  4. I always forget about the ‘Note” function on my iPhone. Thanks for the reminder!

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