Mid-Month Reflections on Daily Blogging

Having been engaged in the NaBloPoMo daily blogging challenge for a week and a half, I have noticed a few things. Noticing facts and patterns about our own lives and life experiences and claiming them is a central practice in InterPlay, my grounding system of deep play.

The InterPlay wisdom that I bring to bear on my reflections includes:

  • Notice, Notice, Notice: This is simply a direction to be aware of what is happening in and around your mind and body.
  • Inner Authority: Only you know the truth of your own experience. You are the only one in your body and only you are aware of how that body shapes your perspective. Claim the authority of your inner awareness.

Here are some things that I have noticed:

  1. I like the ritual of daily posting. It is easier to keep the momentum of generating post ideas and writing reasonably fast when I do it daily than it was posting weekly.
  2. I don’t have time to write a post a day and put pictures in all of them. I miss the pictures.
  3. I am stunned watching the statistics of traffic to my blog. Only one previous day in 2012 saw more traffic than my slowest day last week. I do not understand the source for the increased traffic. The numbers do not merely reflect the same group of people reading more frequently. More people have reached my website. This is thrilling, but the not understanding makes me anxious as well.
  4. Headlines matter. Simple headlines that describe the challenge I am contemplating get more traffic. This saddens me; I love poetic titles, and the evidence is that the web does not.
  5. I have fallen into a theme: blogging about blogging. I feel conflicted about this. I like the way the posts relate to each other, and the way that my thinking is developing, but I fear that interrelated posts will put off people who visit my homepage for the first time, making them feel like they are diving into a conversation already underway.
  6. I cannot continue waking early in the morning to write without getting to bed earlier.
  7. Not only do I love writing early in the morning, but I love waking up knowing what I will be working on.
  8. Responding thoughtfully to comments takes time.
  9. I am tired. The daily blogging commitment is a contributing factor.
  10. I am not finding time in the day both to blog and to work on my novel.

Overall, I find myself feeling good about the process and the product, but concerned about the time commitment. I need to make progress on my novel. I have several deadlines that I am not progressing towards fast enough. I am going to notice what comes up for me as I finish out the month. I am curious to see whether my experience changes as the month continues.

I expect that this experience will push me to make some changes to my blogging practices in April, but I don’t know what those changes will be yet beyond being confident that I will not be blogging a full 7 days a week.

These are my reflections from my experience. I am curious to know what your experience is as a reader of my blog. I have so many questions.

  • Have you been reading all of the daily posts?
  • Is one post a day overwhelming?
  • What changes have you noticed in what I am writing about?
  • Is the quality of my writing changing?
  • Do you miss the photographs?
  • Is it annoying that I am ending more of my posts by asking direct questions of you?

I would love to read any thoughts you have.


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  1. I’ll be interested to hear what people say about your last question. I have been posing a “thought-provoking” question at the end of my blogs and the response has been so-so. Maybe it is annoying, but I like it when a question stirs the urge to comment on other blogs…

    • Kate Arms-Roberts

      Thank you.
      I always feel gratified when a question spurs responses and frustrated when I put a question out there and nobody answers it. And on some posts, I can’t think of a reasonably related question.

  2. I’ve been trying to read each day’s post, but I’ll confess it’s a lot. I’ve been unsubscribing lately to a lot of services–professional and amateur–that fill my inbox daily. Perhaps if you keep up this pace the posts could be shorter. I say this not as criticism, but because I assume you’re looking for honest feedback.

    It’s standard blogging practice to ask questions at the end. I don’t think most blog readers feel obligated to respond! 🙂

    • Thank you, Patrick. This is exactly the kind of feedback I need.

      All my life, I have struggled with brevity. I had hoped that forcing myself to blog every day would force me into shorter posts, but it hasn’t so far. I know I have at least one very short post coming up next week.


  3. Lots of food for thought here! Wish I had time to respond to your ten points about what you’ve been noticing.

    My responses: I have been reading your blog more often the past few days and really enjoying it. I’m not sure if that’s a result of the daily blogging or because I signed up for an email subscription to your blog. Probably a bit of both – and your intriguing post titles having been luring me too.

    Yes, one post a day is overwhelming for me. Especially because I like to respond, not just read and leave. I read another post here a bit earlier but won’t have time to respond to both. :~(

    i do love your images. But your post today that was pure text was so good I was fine with no images. I think a mix is perfect.

    Thanks for asking for our feedback. 🙂

    • Also . . . I was thinking about what Patrick said. That perhaps the posts could be shorter when you’re blogging more often. I did have the dilemma that there was too much here (in this post) that stimulated my mind. But I wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of it, either.

      Perhaps a post like this where you have a lot of different points to share could become two or more posts.

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