Creativity in Daily Life

In the last week, my “unnecessary” creative efforts as part of 30 Days of Creativity have been small: doodles, sketches, paragraphs, jokes, and improvisations. Nothing worth sharing.

What is worth sharing is a shift in my awareness. My subconscious has been seeking out what might count as the “something” in “make something every day.” As a result, I have been noticing small moments of creativity throughout my day.  I have noticed many ways I am creative in my life that I generally ignore or discount.

In small ways, I try to make beauty in my house: gardening, cleaning, playing music, laying an attractive table. I also use my creativity as I make plans and decisions: like summer vacation schedules and plans for how to get children to willingly do mundane tasks.

But, I also generate many things that did not previously exist. In the past week, I have made:

  • meals – lots of them, including several new-to-me recipes, several recipes I invented, and several recipes I modified;
  • lesson plans and custom worksheets;
  • alterations – to make clothes fit, both for costumes and for general life;
  • repairs – of damaged toys and books; and
  • jokes, games, and stories to entertain my kids.

By changing my awareness to include a broad range of “creativity” rather than focusing solely on the artistic products of my endeavours, I have noticed that my life is infused with creativity. It isn’t that I am being more creative. I am simply seeing the creativity that is so natural to me that it escapes my awareness most of the time.

Are you more creative than you notice?


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  1. I’ve discovered that I’m more creative the more I’m creative. Right now? Not terribly creative. But once I get going, it goes and goes and goes. I want that back, I miss it.

    • Kate Arms-Roberts

      I definitely find that creativitiy fuels creativity. The biggest problem I have with having being so focused on creativity this month is that I now have too many ideas and am struggling to prioritize. It is a marvelous, heady feeling.

      • Oh, I love that feeling. 🙂 I tend to block off my creativity for the sake of everything else, and then I’m miserable. I keep putting it off. Like now, it’s on hold til after we move. Bleh…

  2. Kate Arms-Roberts

    I am looking forward to hearing that you are settled in the new place and are making space for creativity in your life. This move has been brutal on you.

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