Time to Eat My Words?

Remember back at the beginning of May when I wrote about how I managed to write last year even though my life exploded. Bad idea. The universe being the ironic place I have come to know and love, my life proceeded to explode even further. And this time, my writing suffered substantially.

I just became a full-time home-schooling mama to two of my four kids.  Suffice it to say, I would never have planned to start homeschooling my kids two months before school lets out for the summer, but sometimes the things our children need come out of left field and we just have to yield.  So, like many mothers before me, I did what my children needed when they needed it, and I will be pulling my life out of the rubble when the dust settles.

Since then, I have been using most of my writing time for curriculum planning. I know this is a temporary period in our lives and I will have more time for my writing soon. (Hey, look, I’m working on a blog post – that’s something). In the meantime, I am jotting down notes in odd moments, outlining chapters during swim lessons, and keeping my eye on the long-term goals.

My website on play stalled on take-off, a depressing, but unavoidable situation.  As soon as I have a more solid grasp of this home-schooling thing, that is the first project I will be picking up seriously.

In the meantime, I am still writing. Just less. For now


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  1. Wow, Kate, hang in there. I admire your willingness to disrupt your life for the well-being of your children. It’s a robotic response to say “of course a parent would do that” but I understand as a fellow parent that doing the right thing is necessary but, as you indicate, not always easy. Is there hope that in the fall order could be restored?

    As for your play web site stalling, you can take a look at my iCivility campaign, which has been stalled since launch in 2009, with occasional hiccups of progress. I’m with you!

  2. Patrick,

    I am sure things will stabilize somewhat in the fall, but it is highly likely I will still be homeschooling. Unfortunately, the two that are home need radical acceleration in most subject areas and our school district refuses to accelerate at all.


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