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Apparently, I am a Stylish Blogger. At least according to Patrick Ross over at The Artist’s Road. He has given me the “Stylish Blogger Award.”

In accepting this award, I am supposed to share seven random things about myself and pass on the award to five other bloggers. I hereby allow all recipients mentioned in this blog to ignore the chain mail aspect and accept the award anyway. For a humourous approach to not passing on the award, read HuffyGirl’s response to being recognized. I see it as a way to pass on kudos for blogs I read regularly, but don’t always make the time to comment on, so I’m going to play along.

Random Factoid #5: I practiced law with Barry Eisler. Seeing him making a living from his writing makes me insanely jealous work harder at my writing.

I’ll get to the other random facts in a moment, but first, a word about these other blogs. I read blogs to stimulate my creativity, motivate myself to write, and acquire new information. And I love novelty. I browse a lot of blogs, but I read few consistently. For the purposes of this award, I am focusing on blogs that touch me personally and that I visit often.

The Artist’s Road is one of my regular reads, so I am particularly chuffed that Patrick gave me this award. If someone else had given it to me, I would have given it to him. His blog is a mix of personal reflections, interviews or guest posts, and curated links to other web resources on creativity. A lovely balance. Thank you, Patrick.

Random Factoid #3: I am English by birth. I use chuffed in conversation. I also use whinge, git, gob-smacked, and knackered. I should use jiggery-pokery more often.

But, back to those bloggers I wish to give a Stylish Blogger Award. I have chosen to focus on blogs that have a style that fits their purpose. Not necessarily chic or fashionable, but something that keeps me coming back.

Laughing at Chaos: I discovered this blog through #gtchat on Twitter, a weekly chat on issues related to gifted and talented learners that @laughingatchaos and I both attend from time to time. She is raising twice-exceptional (gifted with learning disabilities) boys and blogs about the challenges she faces with a wonderful sense of humour.  I also have twice-exceptional boys, but I don’t blog about them. If I did blog about them, I wouldn’t be as funny as she is, so it’s better to just read what she says.

Random Factoid #2: As a child, I was the only girl I knew who played Little League baseball.

Lisa Rivero has two blogs and I love them both.  At Writing Life, she writes as a writer about writing, reading, and thinking, and posts small segments from her current work in progress.  At Everyday Intensity, she focuses on intense learners, giftedness, creativity and personal growth. She thinks deeply and writes eloquently at both sites.

Random Factiod #6: I have driven west across the continental United States (Boston to California) camping in State and National Parks twice, both times by myself. Two different northern routes.

The blog at Mandala Design Works is a special treasure. Mandala Design Works is a joint venture of 4 artists: Anita Bondi, Marci Molina, Stan Stewart, and Susan Bradford. Between them, they work in many media. The blog is linked to their online store and they all write for it. The blog features snippets of reflection, inspiration, or playfulness. Because the posts are usually short, I can drop by in a free moment and enjoy a brief encounter with a creative spirit. I am particularly partial to Stan Stewart’s poetry.

I am going to pause for some math. I have passed on this award to 4 blogs created by 6 bloggers. That averages to 5, so I am willing to call it done. But I have fallen behind on my random facts. So, without further ado, more random facts.

Random Factoid #1: My black Doc Martens had 14 holes. The purple ones had 8.

Random Factoid #4: Chances are I cannot Name That Tune – even if I love it and know all the words.

Random Factoid #7: I once managed to fall on my left shoulder and break my right thumb.

And there you have it: 4 blogs, 6 bloggers and 7 random factoids.



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  1. Kate, I’m chuffed to read your praise of my blog, and chuffed to learn a new word, “chuffed.” And thanks for introducing me to new blogs!

  2. Kate Arms-Roberts

    Enjoy your new vocab word. It’s one of several British expressions that I wish were better known on this side of the pond. (Is it only Brits who refer to the Atlantic as “the pond”?)

    I realized putting this together that there are a handful of other blogs I really want to write about, so I expect there will be more curation in my future.

    Thanks again for the award.

  3. Hello Kate, Thanks for the pingback. Congratulations on your Stylish Blogger Award. You are right in that it is a great way to recognize other bloggers and your favorites. While I did take a humerous approach to my receiving the SBA, [although readers should not that my story of the origin is 100% true 🙂 ], I did eventually relent under encouragement (aka threat) from my readers.

    • Kate Arms-Roberts

      Thanks for stopping by and setting the record straight about your eventual relenting.

      I look forward to reading more of your blog, which I discovered while Googling “Stylish Blogger Award”.


      • Thanks, I’ll look forward to seeing you.

        BTW, in my comment above, it should say “note that my story…” instead of “not that my story…” Please excuse my typo.

  4. Congratulations! And thank you very much. 😀 I love your random factoids, especially (like Patrick) the new vocabulary words.

    I’m also glad to be alerted to more good blogs to check out.

    • Kate Arms-Roberts

      You are most welcome.

      I am not surprised that you and Patrick enjoy the words. You are, after all, both writers.

      I am thrilled that Twitter has allowed me to connect with both of you – and your work. I re-read both of your homeschooling books this weekend.

  5. By sheer LUCK I happened to browse through my stats and find this mention, and the resultant award! LOL! Thank you! I shall have great fun tomorrow writing up my post.
    And…I believe I need to figure out and update my stats/pingback programs, so I’m alerted more quickly! Thank you!

    • Kate Arms-Roberts


      I am sorry I didn’t notify you in a way that reached you easily yesterday. It was on my list to follow up with you today. I’m glad you found the pingback. I look forward to reading your post.


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