A Few InterPlay Forms

I have written a guest post for Patrick Ross over at The Artist’s Road looking at InterPlay in my creative life.

In it, I mention a few of the InterPlay forms that I use to loosen up my writing, but I did not describe the forms in detail.

For those who are interested in a little more detail, here are descriptions of the forms I mentioned in that piece.

  • Babbling in a Made-Up Language: For 30 seconds talk in a made-up language. Advanced practices include talking in a made-up language in response to a single word prompt or talking to a partner who translates into the local vernacular.
  • Big Body Stories: Telling a Big Body Story involves using your whole body to tell a story. Sometimes movement is featured more prominently than words, sometimes words and movement happen together. It is all made up on the spot.
  • I Could Talk About: Each person in turn names one thing they could talk about. This repeats around a circle until time is up.

In the video below, InterPlayers who juggle play “I Could Talk About” while juggling.

Here is an example of InterPlay being used as a improvisational performance form by Wing It! featuring Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter, the founders of InterPlay. Yes, it’s all made-up on the spot: music, dance, words, everything.


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  1. Thanks so much for the guest post, Kate! It’s fun and inspiring, what more could you want in a blog post.

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