What Image to Show the World? A Question of Presentation

When I first set up this blog, I used a dark, slightly gothic theme.

And, I loved it.

But, it didn′t reflect who I am or what I write about. My goth days were decades ago. These days, my appreciation of the dark sides of life is subtler. I still love themes of transformation through the depths, but as I have grown older, that fascination with the dark has softened and is now balanced by an appreciation of the light. The original theme for this blog appealed to the part of me that first wanted to be a writer more than it appealed to my current self. I always sensed it wasn′t right.

More importantly, I got some feedback that the blog was hard to read. So I went hunting for a new image.

Then, I found the theme I am using now, which had a lovely default header picture of a bridge in the mist.

I love the idea of words as a bridge between people. Mist invokes magic and mystery for me and there is a mystery to the creative process. As a default image, this was one I could use.

And, you may have seen that image here in the past. But, even as I chose to use it, I knew I wanted a custom image on my blog. I just don′t see myself as a default setting kind of gal. But, I was busy and I wanted to have the blog up and easy to read more than I wanted to have it perfect. So, I lived with it.

If you came by the blog last week, you may have seen this image in the header space of this web page.

I was playing around with photo-editing software and some of my photographs when I created this picture and it struck me as a possible image for my blog. But, I wasn′t sure.

I changed the image on my blog and asked my Facebook friends and Twitter followers for feedback. And most of the feedback was that it didn’t work as a header. So I changed the image again.

The new header is also a photo of my own. It feels appropriate to me that I would use one of my own images as the main visual element of my blog. And, I like the resonances of this image.

  • I took the picture. I edited it. It is a representation of my visual sensibilities.
  • Fall is my favourite season of the year; the last flash of nature′s glory: the wild celebration of colour even as the world fades to the muted tones of winter. The constant change that is our life cannot be avoided when reflecting on the changes of the seasons.
  • I like to think of myself as grounded, but I spend much of my life looking up and out at things I cannot reach. The image of the high tree tops reaching to the sky as seen from below, cropped to feature the glimpse of sky reflects this aspect of my personality.
  • The part of my personality that revels in the dark is not ignored. Fall is the season of dying. The fascination with death, darkness and liminal spaces that is part of my work is held in balance with my love of nature and my hope for renewal. The magnificent conifers rising in the background will stay green through the winter as a reminder that there is life even in the depths.

I am happy with it. At least for now.

But, I want to know. What do you think?


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