Irregular Output: A Necessary Part of My Creative Process

If you′ve been following this blog, you will have noticed that I haven′t posted anything for a few weeks. There is a very simple reason for this: I have been working on other things.

My natural creative pattern is to immerse myself in a single project for a time and then to resurface and dabble in many areas until I dive into the next project. And March required me to dive deeply into a theatrical production I was directing. Now that Theft is up and running, it′s time to dabble for a bit.

I have a few big projects to tackle in April – and not just filing taxes in two countries. I have an editor lined up to review a portion of my novel at the end of the month, which means I need to do some major revision, and there’s a website I want to launch this month. But, I am not ready to dive into these big projects without a little dabbling first. And so, it is time for some more blog posts and writing a few columns.

When I go through a period of deep work on a project, I sometimes worry that folks who read my blog will stop coming back when I come back to posting here. But, the truth is that I need to let my output be irregular. When I am deep into a big project, I cannot complete it to my satisfaction without letting go of smaller projects. And so, I must once again trust that doing what my creative process demands is enough.

After all, if I never get my novel revised, does it matter that I blogged regularly?

No. The novel is the goal.

If I need to sacrifice regular blogging to finish the novel, then I need to blog irregularly.

And so I do.


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