Passion and Play: Artist Advocate Arising

For much of my life, my need to tell stories has been filtered through theatrical performance. But fiction was my first love. Like too many sensitive children, I let an English teacher kill my passion for writing with a few flicks of her red pen.

When I finally decided to get over it and write anyway, I addressed the power of her comments creatively. A character with her name was the first victim in the first novel in my ″never going to see the light of day″ pile. Killing her comments off symbolically was a surprisingly powerful act and was the beginning of my adult journey to writing from my own imagination.

In reigniting the passion in this one area of my life, I have triggered other dormant passions to rise up and demand attention. My lifelong interests in justice, art, and play are combining with my compassion and care for human beings and driving me to write non-fiction about issues I care about. And, I am being driven to do more than write, to connect with others and to advocate in many forms for the issues that matter to me.

Watching my bright children make their way through a world where their intellects and sensitivities are not always appreciated has reminded me of the issues that bedevilled my childhood. I have taken up the mantle of advocacy for gifted child and their needs.

I have developed new online connections with InterPlayers and other people who care about play and playfulness. They remind me daily of the power of play. Because of their inspiration, I have returned to the advocacy of play as a crucial element of human growth and development. I am looking to lead InterPlay workshops and am building a website to promote play around the world. More information about the website A More Playful Life will be coming soon. In the meantime, follow A More Playful Life on Twitter for play-related news and inspiration.

In my life, I have trained as a lawyer, a minister, an actor, a director, and a play facilitator. Now, in a stream of energy and power, all this training is coming together and pushing me into three distinct areas: fiction writing, gifted advocacy, and play advocacy.

My fiction writing is my place of personal deep play. The other activities are forms of engagement with the wider world on behalf of myself and others. The heart of them all is the knowledge that through playful engagement with myself, I create energy that I can direct towards transforming the world. My power is where my passion is.

Justice, art, and play are my driving concerns and they are driving me forward with great energy now. I am not sure where the ride will take me, but it promises to be thrilling. I hope you′ll join me.


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  1. How exciting for you, Kate! I just signed up for your @MorePlayful twitter feed. The universe is funny, just last night at a local tweetup I met a life coach locally who focuses on play, and I told her how I find Legos inspiring, allowing me to use my left brain and right brain and escape any thoughts but finding the next right block. I look forward to seeing where you take this!

  2. Play is such a fascinating and delightful topic, and I love hearing how your renewed exploration of writing has reignited your passion for other areas of creativity–which is what play is about, right? Thanks for sharing!

    ~Cheryl (@CherylRWrites)

    • Kate Arms-Roberts

      Creativity is certainly a fabulous aspect of play.

      We are all such rich individuals. Play and creativity let us get out of ruts by finding new things in ourselves.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I see play as an exploration…of ourselves & of the world. And I believe that a more playful life is a fuller & more enriched life, so I think the “work” you’re doing is not simple “child’s play,” but really profound. You are on an exciting journey, and I’m thrilled to be a witness to it. I wish you all the best!

    • Kate Arms-Roberts

      It certainly feels profound. And, I have been running away from it for ages. I have the energy of feeling aligned with my whole self in a new and very exciting way.

      Thanks for bearing witness. It is a gift I treasure.

  4. I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience with your writing teacher as a child—it’s inspiring to see you turn around and use it in such a positive way!

  5. Wow! congratulations. I look forward to hearing/seeing more! This is all stuff I feel passionate about too. I look forward to being inspired by you (well, I already am, but more!).

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