#NaNoWriMo Day 3

Yesterday was a mixed day.

I had brief writing periods in the very early morning and late at night.  Early morning is often a good time for me to write.  Yesterday, not so much.   Non-writing responsibilities intruded and even when I was writing, I struggled to focusing on the world of my story.

However, when I did manage to focus on the writing, what I produced was better than the day before.

When I start a new project, my goal is to get the basic story on paper.  I write too much backstory and tell too many things that I  should show. In the editing process, I then edit out the unnecessary backstory and rewrite  sections I want to deliver in a more active way. As I hit my stride in getting the story idea down on paper,my first draft gets better. I start showing more and telling less and the writing improves even as I am continuing to draft new material.  Yesterday, I realized that I was already moving into better writing.  This is good.

Yesterday’s final report.  Quality: good, Quantity: poor.

This morning, I cleared up the business that was hanging over my head yesterday. If all goes well today, I’ll get to the first major plot point and unleash evil on an unsuspecting suburban neighborhood.


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